2017 Assembly Election Manifesto (PDF 968KB)


Publish Date: 20 February 2017

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This document is an addendum to the manifesto for the 2016 Assembly Election for which we received a five year mandate. It reflects developments since last May and our stance in the negotiations that will follow the election.

The DUP seeks power in Northern Ireland to bring positive change for the people of Northern Ireland and to help them achieve their dreams and ambitions.

We know the people’s desire to see Northern Ireland keep moving forward and it needs a focused and active Assembly to fulfil it.

  • Leaving the European Union
  • Achievements in Government
  • Our 10 commitments in negotiations
  • The DUP have the strongest unionist team for negotiations
  • The DUP have the best record of achievement in negotiations
2017 Assembly Election Manifesto preview

2017 Assembly Election Manifesto
(PDF 968KB)

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