Our Vision

Our vision is to maintain and enhance Northern Ireland’s constitutional position within the United Kingdom, achieving long-term political stability to deliver a peaceful and prosperous future for our people.

Our Vision

The DUP wants Northern Ireland to celebrate its centenary as a beacon of achievement within the United Kingdom.  We want the hard won peace and stability to build a prosperity that flows to each district, community and family.  We want to normalise our institutions and political arrangements to demonstrate that democratic standards apply and fairness and equality of opportunity is the right of all.

The DUP wants to strengthen our relationship within the United Kingdom.  Our representatives in Westminster dedicate themselves to involvement in the affairs of the Nation and in partnership with their Stormont colleagues maximise Northern Ireland’s contribution to the United Kingdom.  We will work to increase the respect and status of our region within the Union.

Beyond our borders the DUP wants Northern Ireland to have a global reputation as a place welcoming to all and thriving.  We want Northern Ireland to be regarded as a location where a dedicated, committed and skilled workforce can be found.  We want the natural beauty and the friendly character of our people to be promoted to make Northern Ireland “the place to visit”.  We want the name of Northern Ireland to be synonymous with progress. 

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