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2015 General Election Broadcast

30 March 2015

The DUP’s Party Election Broadcast for the 2015 General Election

Robinson – “SNP poses a real threat to the United Kingdom”

05 May 2015

DUP Leader Rt. Hon. Peter Robinson MLA has used a pre-election speech in East Belfast to warn unionists…

Peter Robinson

Sinn Fein Must Clarify Stance on Sectarian Leaflet

04 May 2015

DUP Deputy Leader Nigel Dodds has challenged Sinn Fein to state clearly whether they believe that…

Nigel Dodds

Sinn Fein Appeal for Votes from Those They Wanted to ‘Break’

04 May 2015

DUP Leader Peter Robinson MLA said,

Peter Robinson

Ni Chuilin ‘On the Run’ From CAL Committee

01 May 2015

North Belfast DUP MLA Nelson McCausland has described the refusal by DCAL Minister Caral Ni Chuilin…

Nelson McCausland

DUP Statement on Proposed Changes to Abortion Legislation

01 May 2015

A DUP Spokesman said,

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