• More Jobs

    Our Top Seven Priorities

    More Jobs

    Making Northern Ireland the best place in the UK to do business

  • Low Rates

    Our Top Seven Priorities

    Low Rates

    We will block additional water charges & cap district rates

  • Tougher Sentences

    Our Top Seven Priorities

    Tougher Sentences

    We will make prison terms the norm for those who attack the elderly

  • Fix Education

    Our Top Seven Priorities

    Fix Education

    Increase investment in early years & a roadmap for a single education system

  • Better Health

    Our Top Seven Priorities

    Better Health

    Target resources towards front line services

  • Work Together

    Our Top Seven Priorities

    Work Together

    We will work with other parties to create a settled society in Northern Ireland

  • Strengthen Unionism

    Our Top Seven Priorities

    Strengthen Unionism

    We will work to bring unionists together & maximise our influence

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Latest Updates

Newton Welcomes Removal of Threatening Graffiti

30 October 2014

DUP MLA Robin Newton has welcomed the removal of graffiti from the wall of the Translink depot in…

Newton Welcomes Removal of Threatening Graffiti

UEFA Will Punish Northern Ireland Fans Regardless of Decision

30 October 2014

DUP MP David Simpson has said Northern Ireland football fans will be punished by UEFA regardless of…

David Simpson

Sinn Fein Should Represent Constituents at Westminster or Lose Their Allowances

30 October 2014

DUP MP Ian Paisley has called on the Secretary of State to end the Parliamentary allowances paid to…

Clarke Condemns Six Mile Water Pollution Incident

30 October 2014

DUP MLA Trevor Clarke has said that those responsible for the fish kill in the Six Mile Water river…

Trevor Clarke

Government Challenged on NCA Stance

29 October 2014

DUP MP William McCrea has challenged the Secretary of State on the full operation of the National…

Dodds Condemns Latest Attack on Scottish Soldiers Memorial

29 October 2014

DUP MP Nigel Dodds has condemned the latest attack on the memorial to three murdered Scottish soldiers.…

Nigel Dodds

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