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Manifesto Launch - Party Leader, Peter Robinson

21 April 2015

Speech delivered by the Party Leader Rt Hon Peter Robinson MLA at the launch of the 2015 General Election…

Peter Robinson

Manifesto Launch - Deputy Leader, Nigel Dodds

21 April 2015

The speech by the Party’s Deputy Leader Nigel Dodds at the launch of the manifesto for the 2015…

Nigel Dodds

2015 General Election Broadcast

30 March 2015

The DUP’s Party Election Broadcast for the 2015 General Election

Dodds – “The SNP is trying to get out of England the answer they couldn’t get out of Scotland”

27 April 2015

Article written by DUP Deputy Leader Nigel Dodds for The Guardian on 27th April 2015

Nigel Dodds

statement by Jim Wells MLA

27 April 2015

On Monday South Down DUP MLA Jim Wells issued the statement below.

Jim Wells

Campbell – “IRA apologist McGuinness is last man to offer lecture on wrongdoing ”

24 April 2015

East Londonderry DUP candidate Gregory Campbell has said comments from other parties are opportunistic,…

Gregory Campbell

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