• More Jobs

    Our Top Seven Priorities

    More Jobs

    Making Northern Ireland the best place in the UK to do business

  • Low Rates

    Our Top Seven Priorities

    Low Rates

    We will block additional water charges & cap district rates

  • Tougher Sentences

    Our Top Seven Priorities

    Tougher Sentences

    We will make prison terms the norm for those who attack the elderly

  • Fix Education

    Our Top Seven Priorities

    Fix Education

    Increase investment in early years & a roadmap for a single education system

  • Better Health

    Our Top Seven Priorities

    Better Health

    Target resources towards front line services

  • Work Together

    Our Top Seven Priorities

    Work Together

    We will work with other parties to create a settled society in Northern Ireland

  • Strengthen Unionism

    Our Top Seven Priorities

    Strengthen Unionism

    We will work to bring unionists together & maximise our influence

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Latest Updates

Pharmacies play important role in local communities – Hamilton

03 July 2015

Health Minister Simon Hamilton has praised local pharmacists for the invaluable contribution they…

Simon Hamilton

Irwin slams Ballytyrone Orange Hall attack

03 July 2015

DUP MLA for Newry & Armagh William Irwin is a member and recent past master of the Ballytyrone…

Irwin slams Ballytyrone Orange Hall attack

Will There be Northern Ireland Votes for Northern Ireland Laws?

02 July 2015

DUP Deputy Leader Nigel Dodds has said that proposals for ‘English Votes for English Laws’ should…

Bell announces 289 new jobs for Londonderry

02 July 2015

Enterprise, Trade and Investment Minister, Jonathan Bell today announced that Texas-based OneSource…

Jonathan Bell

Robinson – “time for republicans and nationalists to give leadership”

02 July 2015

The First Minister of Northern Ireland, Peter Robinson, has described Sinn Fein President, Gerry Adams,…

Peter Robinson

Campbell – “bring north-west railways into 21st century”

01 July 2015

East Londonderry MP Gregory Campbell has welcomed the investment of “10.2m in the Londonderry to…

Gregory Campbell

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