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Publish Date: 21 April 2015

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This manifesto concentrates on the issues which are the responsibility of the United Kingdom Parliament. In this document we set out where the party stands across a range of important issues such as the national economy, defence and the UK constitution.

It would be unrealistic for us to prepare a manifesto with a view to it being a detailed programme for government for the UK as a whole, but we will only be prepared to support a party whose proposals taken as a whole are in the best interests of Northern Ireland in particular and the UK in general.

This manifesto does not stand in isolation. It should be read in conjunction with the DUP’s Northern Ireland plan which details our agenda in the event of the negotiations which will likely follow the General Election.

  • As a responsible party we want to see the budget deficit eliminated. However, we recognise that the rush to reduce and eliminate the defecit can have an impact on growth. After five years of sustained and deep cuts, the DUP believes that any futher significant reductions to front-line services in areas that affect Barnett consequentials would be harmful.
  • The hospitality sector should be re-categorised and benefit from a reduced rate of VAT.
  • Increase the minimum wage.
  • Increase the personal tax allowance to at least £12,500.
  • Freeze, then cut or abolish the TV licence and reform the BBC.
  • Abolish Air Passenger Duty.
  • An independent investigation into ferry price structures on North Channel and Irish Sea routes between Northern Ireland and Great Britain.
  • A feasibility study into a tunnel or enclosed bridge across the North Channel from Larne to the Scottish coastline.
  • A new start on parades including the abolition of the Parades Commission. We will work alongside the Loyal Orders to achieve this.
  • Supporting school visits to the national parliament, devolved bodies and major public buildings and institutions (Buckingham Palace, National Arboretum, Whitehall Cenotaph, Imperial War Museum, National Portrait Gallery.)
  • The DUP believes that UK Defence spending should not fall below 2% of GDP.
  • We believe the people of the United Kingdom should have a say on future UK membership of the European Union.
  • We will encourage the new Government to introduce, as one of the first pieces of legislation, a Bill to tackle the scourge of new psychoactive substances ('legal highs')
  • Considering the multi-faceted evolving and insidious nature of the terrorist threat it would be appropriate to review whether present anti-terrorism arrangements need to be updated or upgraded.
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2015 Westminster Manifesto

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