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Publish Date: 01 January 2009

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Manifesto for the European Election 2009

In 2003 the DUP became Northern Ireland’s largest political party and the leading voice of unionism. Since then we have strengthened the position of unionism and consolidated Northern Ireland’s position within the United Kingdom.

While this election is to the European Parliament, it is about much more than Europe. It is about the balance of power in Northern Ireland and the message it sends out to the wider world. In every previous election a DUP candidate has topped the poll sending out a clear sign in the only Northern Ireland-wide election that unionism remains the voice of Northern Ireland in Europe. In previous European elections the second preference votes of those who have voted number one for the DUP candidate have seen a second unionist elected.

Diane Dodds has a proven track record as a public representative and tireless worker. In 2003 she was the first unionist in a generation to win an Assembly seat in West Belfast and is an experienced Belfast City Councillor. As an MEP from Northern Ireland’s largest party with direct access to the Northern Ireland Executive Ministers and the assistance of nine MPs in the House of Commons she will be able to work to maximise the influence of unionism and Northern Ireland at home and in Europe.

  • For the first time in forty years there are stable political structures in place in Northern Ireland with the prospect of long term peace and prosperity. This is good for unionism.
  • It is essential that at this election unionists turn out, vote DUP number 1 and then transfer to other unionist candidates.
  • We believe new EU regulations should be timelimited with consideration then given to the impact they have had, particularly on the economy of member states. Their continuation should require a further vote.
  • We support reduced regulation and an end to directives which restrict small businesses and increase their costs. We oppose sudden surprise additions to regulations which can lead to job losses and business failures.
  • We affirm everyone’s right to apply religious values to public policy and the right of faith-based groups to participate fully in public programmes without renouncing their beliefs or removing religious symbols.
  • We are unconvinced of the need for a Bill of Rights for Northern Ireland, and consider the report of the Bill of Rights Forum to be a long way removed from any proposal.
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2009 European Election

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