Weekend of Party contrasts - Campbell

28 November 2017

East Londonderry MP Gregory Campbell said,

Gregory Campbell MP

DUP Spokesman on International Development and Cabinet Office

Gregory Campbell

“The DUP enjoyed a very successful Party Conference once again at the weekend. Conference occurred at a time of considerable uncertainty, with Brexit and our own devolved discussions not yet concluded. Those who would try and attack, not just our Party but the principles we espouse were confounded once again. There are a number of our opponents and critics who would like to be able to pigeonhole us in one of two ways, either make us a caricature of extremism ensuring we become isolated and thereby lose votes or they try in vain to portray us as moving to try and captivate some sort of mythical 'middle ground' thus abandoning our core values. Our Party will not be adopting either of these positions.

These critics don't seem to understand that we proudly have the National Flag of our Country prominently on display as well as demonstrating our wider appeal. We continue to confront the intolerance of others in a forthright way while welcoming more and more people into our ranks from all walks of life. There is no contradiction.

As I said on Saturday, last weekend SF were engaged in shouts of 'Up the rebels', this weekend we pledged to work for all the people of Northern Ireland. The massive contrast between the two should be apparent to all. The two showpieces are over now, all of us need to get back to real world politics and solve the outstanding issues to get devolved government back in place immediately.”

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