Sinister graffiti in former Police station condemned

02 July 2019

Mid Ulster MLA, Keith Buchanan and Policing Board member has condemned those responsible for the graffiti attack on a former Police station in Stewartstown last night.

Keith Buchanan MLA

Keith Buchanan

He said,

“Last night there was a very sinister incident in which the slogan IRA with a picture of guns, targets and three names were painted on the walls of Stewartstown former Police Station. The names are believed to be three serving prison officers.

This type of activity is unacceptable. For those who have been targeted by this incident, it is deeply disturbing and worrying. They should not have to live in fear or with this threat put upon their lives. Those people go to work each day and should have the freedom to do so. How they go about their daily lives is in stark contrast to those responsible for this repugnant incident. They clearly have nothing positive to offer society, except havoc and destruction.

The incident in Stewartstown last night should receive the strongest condemnation from all sections of the community. In 2019, incidents of this nature should be something resigned to the dark days of our past. It should not be allowed the space to continue. I would therefore urge anyone who has any information, that they offer that to the PSNI.”

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