Robinson welcomes Government plans to protect Armed Forces veterans

19 December 2019

East Belfast MP Gavin Robinson has welcomed the Government’s plans to introduce protections for members of the Armed Forces against vexatious prosecutions.

Gavin Robinson

Spokesman on Justice, Home Affairs and Human Rights.

Gavin Robinson

Mr Robinson served on the Defence Select Committee and he said,

“The Government has previously talked about protections for members of our Armed Forces and this commitment in the Queen’s Speech is to be welcomed. There is an obvious need to see the details of exactly what will be brought forward. The Government will be able to draw on the work of the Defence Committee in the last Parliament which has examined many of the issues related to this.

Whatever is brought forward must apply across the United Kingdom as a whole. There is no difference made between soldiers who are serving depending on where they come from and, like the Armed Forces Covenant, there should be no difference in the implementation of such legislation across the UK.

There have been some who have attempted to suggest these proposals will impact upon the talks to restore devolution in Northern Ireland. Such hyperbole is unnecessary and unhelpful. Both in the talks and in the investigation of the proposals to be brought forward by the Government what is needed is calm, rational and constructive engagement rather than knee-jerk reactions to grab a headline.”

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