Review of Apprentice Boys Parade policing operation welcomed

05 September 2019

Policing Board DUP member Gary Middleton MLA has welcomed the Chief Constable’s comments that he found the policing operation that took place at the Apprentice Parade in Londonderry ‘regrettable’.

Gary Middleton MLA

Member of the Environment Committee

Gary Middleton

During today’s Policing Board the Foyle DUP MLA asked the Chief Constable whether he felt the policing in place on the day was appropriate, and asked for an update on the situation.

Speaking afterwards he said,

“There is still a significant level of anger within the community at the policing operation during the Apprentice Boys Parade. As public representatives we are now left to deal with the consequences of what happened. Confidence in the PSNI has been damaged as a result, and it is important that this is restored.

Important lessons must be understood by the Police. I welcome that the Chief Constable has committed to a review of the practices from that day by introducing an independent review of the policing operation.

The circumstances for which people including children were held on a bus for two and a half hours, with no specific reason why, is highly regrettable.  I am glad that the Chief Constable indeed believes that himself.

Now it is important that the Police review the circumstances surrounding Clyde Valley Band and the Apprentice Boys Parade so that the good relations that had been built over many years, between the Apprentice Boys, the PSNI and the community are not diminished in any way.”

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