Review into the persecution of Christians welcome - Shannon

27 December 2018

Welcoming the review into the persecution of Christians, DUP MP Jim Shannon said:

Jim Shannon MP

Spokesman on Health, Transport and Equality.

Jim Shannon

“This is a very welcome development and intervention by Mr Hunt.

The party has worked closely with Open Doors who specialise in highlighting countries where Christians face severe persecution for their faith and indeed is something that has been long debated in the House of Commons. The need for interventions and support for persecuted Christians is clear.

In a country where we have religious liberty to practice our faith, it seems unimaginable that in 2018 people are put to death just because they worship the Lord Jesus Christ.

I hope to meet with Mr Hunt again when Parliament returns to thank him for his efforts and to ensure this is a detailed piece of work. 

It is one thing to have an investigation but the UK must flex its international muscles to challenge those governments who turn a blind eye or actively participate in persecuting Christians. With collective efforts, we could send a strong message across the world in 2019 that any form of religious persecution must end and will not be accepted by the UK.”

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