Quinn family deserve justice: Donaldson

05 February 2020

DUP Victims spokesman and Parliamentary Leader Sir Jeffrey Donaldson said,

Sir Jeffrey Donaldson

Parliamentary Chief Whip; Spokesman on Defence and business in the House of Commons

Sir Jeffrey Donaldson

"The Quinn family, like every innocent victim in Northern Ireland, deserve justice.

Last St Patrick’s Day, Arlene Foster met with Breege and took their case to Capitol Hill to ask people like the Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee Richie Neale to use their influence with Republicans.

We welcome the words from Mary-Lou but that apology should be made publicly by Conor Murphy just as the original allegations were.  All information should also be given to the police so the perpetrators can be brought to justice.

The Quinn family have had additional hurt visited on them by the constant denials about remarks that were made about their son."

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