Paisley welcomes report on Libyan compensation

02 May 2017

The DUP’s Ian Paisley has welcomed the publication of the Northern Ireland Affairs Committee report which recommends that the next government should begin negotiations to agree a compensation package for the victims of Libyan supplied weapons.

Ian Paisley MP

Spokesman on Culture Media & Sport, Communities & Local Government and Energy & Climate Change.

Ian Paisley

The committee also stated that if negotiations are not possible that the UK Government should establish and finance a reparations fund.

Mr Paisley was a member of the Committee during the key period and he said, “I am delighted by the report of the Northern Ireland Affairs Committee on Libya and the issue of compensation. Gavin Robinson and myself worked hard on the committee to get this matter properly examined in fact it was my proposal to the then Minister to consider a compensation scheme based on payments in lieu of money coming from Libya.

Whilst others were sceptical about this campaign, my colleagues and I have been pressing for action since the very start. Victims of terrorism from all parts of the United Kingdom deserve to be treated properly. Whether the incident happened in Belfast or Birmingham should not matter, the suffering was the same.

This report now sets a baseline for the new government to work from. If implemented it means that victims from Northern Ireland would finally receive the compensation they deserve.”

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