MLAs can participate in Assembly recall or hide behind preconditions

20 October 2019

Responding to the announcement that Alliance MLAs will not attend Monday’s sitting of the Assembly DUP Assembly Chief Whip Gordon Lyons said,

Gordon Lyons MLA

Gordon Lyons

“On 13th October Alliance MLAs joined others outside Stormont holding placards to protest about the continued absence of devolution. Eight days later the same Alliance MLAs will refuse to walk into the Assembly chamber and debate legislation impacting upon unborn children that has been imposed on Northern Ireland without consultation.

DUP MLAs will enter the chamber to engage in a respectful debate on a hugely sensitive issue. We also go in fully prepared to nominate Ministers, form an Executive and get on with the job we were elected to do. Every MLA has the opportunity and the choice to participate in that process or they can stand behind preconditions and refuse to take part.  

Naomi Long has decided to echo Michelle O’Neill’s disregard for devolution, for the people of Northern Ireland and most importantly for the lives of the unborn. Both have chosen to dismiss the genuine motivations of those who have driven this initiative as being engaged in stunt politics. 

Both also have chosen to deliberately misrepresent the Assembly recall as being a DUP initiative. Instead it is a campaign taken forward by Baroness Nuala O’Loan and the Both Lives Matter campaign. When they dismiss these efforts they are dismissing many thousands of people who have given their support to it.

The people of Northern Ireland deserve better and it is important they see which MLAs are prepared to deliver better.”

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