Londonderry Mayor retreats to comfort of backwoods republicanism

20 October 2017

DUP representatives Gregory Campbell and Gary Middleton have accused the Sinn Fein Mayor of Londonderry of retreating to the comfort of “backwoods republicanism” for refusing to meet with Prince Charles. The Prince is visiting Londonderry today but will not be greeted in the city by the Mayor.

Gregory Campbell MP

DUP Spokesman on International Development and Cabinet Office

Gregory Campbell

Mr Campbell said, “Over two years ago Gerry Adams met with Prince Charles. He and Martin McGuinness were able to spend twenty minutes in a private meeting with him. Only six months ago Mr Adams shared a handshake with Prince Charles on the final day of his tour of the Republic of Ireland.


Today, the Sinn Fein Mayor of Londonderry is retreating to the comfort of backwoods republicanism. We hear a great deal from republicans about respect and criticisms of unionism for not reaching out to recognise other cultures and traditions. It is clear however that Maoliosa McHugh does not believe such responsibilities extend to him. He has no problem putting on the Mayoral chain to visit a dissident republican in prison but cannot represent the citizens of Londonderry when someone such as Prince Charles visits the city.


Mr Middleton said, “The focus on Prince Charles’ association with the Parachute Regiment is yet more republican double standards. Sinn Fein are the first to criticise anyone who dare bring up the activities of the Provisional IRA in Londonderry or anywhere else. Indeed, they regularly lambast anyone who cannot forget their role in a campaign of terrorism which of course included the murder of two Police officers just before Bloody Sunday.


It would be very useful to know what the views of other more senior members of Sinn Fein take on this calculated snub. Do the actions of Mr McHugh have the backing and support of his party?”

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