Irish government should respect three stranded approach

28 June 2017

South Belfast MLA Christopher Stalford said,

Christopher Stalford MLA

Chair of the Asembly & Executive Review Committee

Christopher Stalford

"The Irish government has no jurisdiction in Northern Ireland, yet in the past week it has proceeded to voice opinions and meddle in matters which are entirely for the Northern Ireland Executive.

We will be meeting with the Irish Foreign Affairs Minister and urging him to respect the three stranded approach as outlined in previous Agreements. 

Only last week the Irish government lectured our United Kingdom government on the importance of observing neutrality when dealing with Northern Ireland parties. Yet today, by publicly declaring its support for Sinn Fein's position in negotiations, the Irish government has undermined its own credibility as being neutral. Minister Coveney will now need to address this.

The DUP wants a constructive relationship with the Irish Government but it must be founded upon matters of mutual interest and respect between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland."

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