Has the nasty SDLP mask slipped again?

02 March 2018

The DUP has called on SDLP Cllr Denise Mullan to publicly apologise after a disparaging post about DUP Leader Arlene Foster was shared from her WhatsApp account

Keith Buchanan MLA

Keith Buchanan

On Wednesday night Councillor Denise Mullan’s WhatsApp account shared a screengrab from Facebook.  The image was posted into the Dungannon Regeneration Partnership WhatsApp group. The screengrab showed a picture of Arlene Foster with words including, “. . . . here’s the c**t from the North.” Representatives from Dungannon businesses, government agencies and Councillors belong to this group.

Speaking as a Dungannon Councillor Cllr Kim Ashton said,

“This post is disrespectful and grossly offensive. This post falls far short of the conduct befitting for an elected representative. The nasty language used against Arlene Foster is disgusting.  Cllr Mullan’s reasoning behind the sharing of this offensive image, from her WhatsApp account should be properly explained.

This group exists to help develop Dungannon but this grossly offensive contribution only serves to damage the Council and relations on the group.”

DUP Mid Ulster MLA Keith Buchanan said,

“Cllr Mullan demands respect as an elected representative but this post fails to give any respect to the leader of unionism and MLA for Fermanagh South Tyrone.  I remember Cllr Mullan saying;

“We are trying to get away from hatred and incitement to hatred,”

Irish News 15 August 2016

When you demand respect, actions speak louder than words. This social media post certainly paints a thousand words. This graphic is not designed to critique policies but rather to stir up hatred of Arlene Foster.

Is this latest incident another case of the SDLP mask slipping? Whether naming playparks after IRA men, carrying the coffins of dissident republicans or removing the Union Flag, the SDLP has proved time and again that there is little difference between it and Sinn Fein.

I will be writing to the SDLP Leader about this incident. This disgusting post raises serious questions about Cllr Mullan’s position.

A complaint has already been made to the Chair of the Dungannon Regeneration Partnership and we will be making a complaint to the Local Government Ethical Standards Directorate, asking them to investigate this outburst against the Principles of Conduct for elected representatives.

Anti-unionist bigotry cannot be allowed to go unchecked.”

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