DUP Supports Shipyard Efforts to Secure Future

02 August 2019

Following on from the Emergency Belfast City Council Meeting this afternoon, the DUP Group in Belfast City Council commented;

“We supported the motion and amendments today as recognition of the continued efforts needed to secure the future of the Belfast Harland and Wolff Shipyard.

We pointed out that those who are to be invited to participate in the agreed forum have already been deeply engaged in talks over the past number of weeks and months, in order to secure a solution. East Belfast MP, Gavin Robinson has led efforts to achieve a successful resolution, and whilst this has remained elusive, work will continue to achieve a successful outcome.

We commend the workers who have come to the fore to protect their jobs and the future of the business. They have demonstrated a commitment to our economic future which illustrates everything positive about the shipyard and Northern Ireland.

We will participate fully in any future Forum meetings, and sincerely hope a positive solution can be found. This is a vital issue for so many and underlines the need for parties and stakeholders to explore every possible option to move forward with a viable and realistic strategy in place.

We recognise the shipyard is an icon of Belfast and Northern Ireland, and is the basis of the life stories of generations of people from East Belfast. That cannot be lost.

There is huge potential for a successful future for manufacturing in Northern Ireland. New industries such as green technologies are growing fast and adapting the existing skills base is essential and should be an absolute priority.

Now is the time for all agencies and departments to work together to get a strategy in place, in the short term to secure the future of Harland and Wolff and its workers, in the longer term to grow their presence in the markets of the future."

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