DUP secured money will revolutionise broadband - Buchanan

15 November 2019

DUP Mid Ulster candidate Keith Buchanan has said broadband is a vital utility for homes and businesses across Northern Ireland and that’s why the DUP secured £150m to revolutionise the supply of broadband.

Keith Buchanan MLA

Keith Buchanan

The DUP has a plan to help build a better Northern Ireland.

Mr Buchanan said,

“Other parties are now catching up.  Since 2009 the DUP has been campaigning for massive broadband investment and in 2017 we used our influence in Westminster to deliver £150m for ultrafast broadband in Northern Ireland.  Homes and businesses depend on effective broadband to go about their normal business.  It’s a vital utility.

The £150m has been delivered and the tender process for this project is now underway with a work plan already scheduled over the next few years.  Independent reports suggest this investment could actually be worth over £1.2b to the Northern Ireland economy.

Too many homes and businesses in Northern Ireland’s rural communities have poor or no broadband. Whilst urban centres need massive investment to keep up with the changing demands.

The constituencies most benefitted by this project are those currently with absentee MPs.  Whilst Sinn Fein want a mandate to do nothing in Westminster or Stormont, we will use our influence to deliver for everyone.

The lack of a functioning Executive because of Sinn Fein has undoubtedly slowed the roll out of this project.  Let’s use this election to send a message and let’s get Northern Ireland moving again.”

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