Dodds rubbishes cattle cull reports

09 August 2019

The DUP’s MEP for Northern Ireland Diane Dodds has rubbished a news report suggesting there would be a major cull of dairy cattle in the event where the UK exits the EU on WTO terms.

Diane Dodds MEP

Member of the EU Agriculture and Rural Development Committee, Substitute member of the EU Fisheries Committee

Diane Dodds

The initial story was carried on BBC Newsnight from an unnamed industry source.

Mrs Dodds said,

“These remarks will generate fear and distress among local farmers and are intended to force the hand of Government into accepting any old deal at a critical time in the Brexit process. This is both cynical and counterproductive.

The DUP will continue to work closely with Government and industry representatives to ensure that the needs of these vital sectors, including dairy, are understood and met under any Brexit scenario, including a no-deal. It is vital that Ministers recognise our unique circumstances as part of accelerated readiness preparations and future trade policies. A cull of cattle is not envisaged and would not be acceptable.

The reality remains that the greatest obstacle to a fair and balanced deal is the intransigence of Brussels and Dublin in insisting on the divisive and undemocratic backstop which has been rejected on three occasions by the UK Parliament. The Brady amendment, which secured majority support for alternative arrangements, provided a route to unlock further progress but this too was rejected by the EU. The EU’s current position is not sustainable if it is genuine about putting the interests of ordinary citizens above those of the federalist project."

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