Dissident republicans can’t continue their fear campaign – Middleton

03 May 2018

Foyle MLA Gary Middleton has condemned those responsible for the spate of security alerts in Londonderry over the last week.

Gary Middleton MLA

Member of the Environment Committee

Gary Middleton

Speaking during a third security alert in the Brandywell area, Mr Middleton said,

“Over the last two days there have now been three security alerts in Londonderry all designed to instil fear and terror within our community. These devices and elaborate hoaxes have been planted deliberately by dissident republicans. Those people are thugs.

Dissident republican terrorists believe they can disregard the law and score points against the honest, good people of our City. The PSNI are highly successful in thwarting this activity. The message is, if you are a dissident republican intent on disturbing the peace and the lives of those who live in Londonderry, you will not win. Dissident republicans cannot and should not be allowed to continue their fear campaign.

Areas targeted this week include the Shantallow and Brandywell areas, as well as Inishowen Gardens.  The PSNI believe dissident republican terrorists are targeting serving police officers and their families. This grotesque campaign is in sharp contrast to the work of the PSNI, who keep society from danger. Disturbing the families of those who work in our security forces is clearly wrong. These people have made Londonderry their homes and deserve to live here safe from any harm, just like any other upstanding member of the community.

There are people who have information about this activity and are afraid to say anything. Be assured any information can be given to the police anonymously and I would urge anyone with any piece of information, no matter how small to bring that forward and help crack down on this activity.”

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