Deputy Leader Manifesto speech - Nigel Dodds

28 November 2019

Nigel Dodds speaking at the DUP manifesto launch today in Belfast.

Nigel Dodds

DUP Deputy Leader, Leader of the DUP Parliamentary Party, Spokesman on Reform and Constitutional issues and Foreign Affairs

Nigel Dodds

The publication of our manifesto marks fourteen days to election day.

Make no mistake, elections matter.

After the last two and a half years, no one can say my vote doesn’t count, or what can my vote achieve at Westminster.

Northern Ireland has been the recipient of billions of pounds of extra investment as a result of the votes cast by people here.

And with the overall election outcome increasingly uncertain, a strong DUP team returned to the House of Commons can stand up for the interests of Northern Ireland again.

As well as the funding from the Confidence and Supply Agreement- £1bn additional cash and another half billion extra spending power- we have also managed to deliver a further billion pounds for Northern Ireland over the last year-


£400 million under the Spending Review for our hospitals, our schools and the Police Service of Northern Ireland.

A £163 million growth deal for ABC, Fermanagh and Omagh and Mid Ulster Council areas
£400 million for the Belfast Region and Londonderry City Deals
£52 million of Winter Fuel Payments to almost 300,000 people
£40 million from the Spring Statement for Ultrafast Broadband and to improve rural Connectivity.

During the last General Election campaign, we said the result would be close and so it proved.

On 12th December a vote for the Democratic Unionist Party is to get Northern Ireland moving again

It is to take Northern Ireland in the right direction.

It is to elect people who believe in Northern Ireland and who will do the job you elect them to do.

If elected, our candidates will go to Westminster and work on your behalf.

It is essential to have people who have been tried and tested and who are strong advocates for Northern Ireland.

We are seeking a mandate to send the strongest unionist team to speak up for Northern Ireland at Westminster.

A vote for the DUP is to protect Northern Ireland’s place in the United Kingdom.

A vote for the DUP is to get Northern Ireland moving again with a re-established Executive and Assembly.

A vote for the DUP is to deliver a strong DUP team which will not support a Corbyn Government.

A vote for the DUP is to support a party that has delivered for everyone in Northern Ireland and wants to get more done.

And a vote for the DUP is to send a message that there can be no borders in the Irish Sea.

The DUP voted against Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal and we will use our votes and our influence to oppose its dangers to the economic and constitutional position of Northern Ireland.

The DUP will only support a deal that protects both the economic and constitutional integrity of Northern Ireland within the United Kingdom.


Unionism is united on the proposed deal- there can be no borders in the Irish Sea.  

We still want a sensible Brexit deal.

But it cannot erect new barriers. We need our people to come together, not create more division.

The people of Northern Ireland want local parties making decisions to move us forward on the everyday issues.

They want the barriers to a Northern Ireland Government removed.

They want progress on waiting times, educational underachievement, and criminality.

And on issues like nurses’ pay.

Yet Sinn Fein appear to prefer to leave it to London.

The DUP is ready and willing to form an Executive without delay.  To get Northern Ireland moving again we will appoint Ministers immediately, clear the backlog of decisions and working with others, we will get down to implementing our 12-point plan for Northern Ireland.

We have a detailed and positive plan for the future, and a track record of hard work and achievement. While others talk about delivery, we can stand over what has been secured as a result of the votes cast for our party.

After the election the party with the most seats will have the most influence.

On 12th December voters face a simple choice.

Support the DUP, a party that will fight for Northern Ireland and play a full part in Parliament or see the vote split and hand victory to those who would take Northern Ireland in the wrong direction and use that victory to call for a border poll.

Over the next 14 days let us work to protect Northern Ireland’s future and to get Northern Ireland moving again.

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