Buchanan – “SF candidate fails to condemn McElduff”

02 May 2018

DUP West Tyrone Candidate Tom Buchannan said,

Thomas Buchanan MLA

Thomas Buchanan

“Tomorrow West Tyrone will pass judgement at the polls on Sinn Fein disrespect for victims and seventeen years of no representation in the House of Commons.

I have pledged on the doors to be a voice for everyone in West Tyrone in Parliament. People who were never before DUP voters have spoken to me about their disgust for how innocent victims were mocked and disrespected by Sinn Fein. Many have said they were embarrassed that such comments were associated with West Tyrone.

Órfhlaith Begley has failed to condemn Barry McElduff’s outrageous video which mocked the Kingsmills victims on the anniversary of the atrocity.  Indeed, she also opted not to condemn the naming of a playground after Raymond McCreesh who was arrested in possession of a gun used at Kingsmills.  Many will question, what’s the difference between Órfhlaith Begley and Barry McElduff?

The DUP’s delivery from Westminster for roads, schools, hospitals and broadband has demonstrated that it matters when MPs take their seats.  SF has wasted West Tyrone’s influence in Parliament for the last 17 years.  They claim the expenses but don’t take their seats.  People are tired of such an approach. 

If elected, I will be part of a strong DUP team who can maximise West Tyrone’s influence in parliament.”

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