Buchanan - “McElduff selection speaks volumes about respect”

07 December 2018

DUP West Tyrone MLA Thomas Buchanan said,

Thomas Buchanan MLA

Thomas Buchanan

“Barry McElduff’s selection doesn’t surprise me. It speaks volumes about Sinn Fein.  The Kingsmill mocking video was grossly offensive to innocent victims.  It is however, a matter for Sinn Fein members who they select for elections and it is a matter for the people who they elect. 

The decision of SF to ask Barry McElduff to stand for election does send a message to innocent victims about how little respect SF has for them.  But this is no surprise from the same party which named a playground after the man who was found in possession of the gun used to murder ten innocent men.

Sinn Fein representatives like to talk about respect but they have failed consistently to show any respect for innocent victims of PIRA terrorism. 

During the West Tyrone by-election campaign, I met people of all faiths and none who disagreed with my view on the Union but were utterly embarrassed by the Barry McElduff Kingsmill video.  The offence crossed religious and political lines.  Everyone recognised the hurt this video would have caused to the Kingsmill victims.”

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