Our Seven Top Priorities

The DUP is focused on the issues which matter to you.


More Jobs
In the next four years the DUP will ensure that the Northern Ireland Executive supports the creation of over 20,000 news jobs, strive to make Northern Ireland the best place in the UK to do business, progressively work to reduce corporation tax to 10% and work towards ensuring affordable childcare provice-wide from 8am to 6pm.


Low Rates
The DUP will block additional water charges, limit any regional rate increase to inflation and cap district rates.


Tougher Sentences
The DUP will bring forward legislation for tougher sentences and make prison terms the norm for those who attack the elderly and vulnerable. Prisoners should not be treated more favourably than law abiding citizens.


Fix Education
The DUP will increase investment in the early years, produce a roadmap for a single education system, continue to safeguard academic selection and ensure no-one is priced out of attending university.


Better Health
The DUP will increase spending on health in real terms, ensure that resources are targeted on the front line through greater efficiency and productivity and expand cancer services. We will prioritise preventative measures to improve public health.


Work Together
The DUP will work with other parties to create a settled society in Northern Ireland, realising savings through sharing and breaking down division. We will continue to make Stormont better by delivering much needed reforms, working to reduce the number of MLAs and Government Departments.


Strengthen Unionism
The DUP will work to end division and bring unionists together to maximise unionism's strength and influence. We will seek to create a shared and united community in Northern Ireland where everyone has been the opportunity to succeed, ensuring the long-term Union between Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

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