Frank McCoubrey

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Frank McCoubrey


In his time as a Councillor and a housing officer Frank McCoubrey has given the community and the people of West Belfast years of dedicated service.  In the Court DEA he, along side his DUP colleagues, have delivered real progress across the Greater Shankill.

A decent community to live in begins with decent homes.  There has been delivery of new homes in Lower Shankill, Lawnbrook, Sommervale and the wider Shankill Area.  Frank is working hard to progress a new development for families homes in the Ballygomartin/Springmartin and wider area.

On education, he and the DUP have contributed to the highly successful work of the Agreed Agenda group which has helped secure vital new investment for education in the Greater Shankill. Through the Local Investment Fund, Frank has supported the vital work of sport teams, churches and the Loyal Orders. He has represented our city as Deputy Lord Mayor and High Sheriff.Frank McCoubrey has shown what he can do for you in City Hall now he wants to show what he can do for the Shankill, Dunmurry, Suffolk and all of West Belfast in the Assembly. On 5th May play your part in history by returning a Unionist to Stormont for the first time in a generation. Together, Unionism can win!

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