Supporting the Growth of Northern Ireland Farms (PDF 159KB)


Publish Date: 17 March 2015

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The DUP’s priorities for agriculture and the agri-food sector.

The DUP is a keen supporter and advocate of agriculture, agri-food, the environment and the betterment of life for rural dwellers. Over the last five years the DUP has worked to ensure that the sector continues to grow and we have seen the benefits in the wider economy across Northern Ireland.

Agriculture is the back-bone to much more than the Northern Ireland economy, it is the fabric of local communities. The multiplier effect which is generated from primary agricultural production is unrivalled within any other sector of the economy for rural areas.

  • Lobbying DARD to ensure the CAP is implemented in a manner that best suits Northern Ireland.
  • Opposition to funding of any new Areas Facing Natural Constraints (ANC) designation by top-slicing farmers’ single payments throughout the next five years.
  • Continue to work to protect the industry from overregulation.
  • Call for a new approach to tackling Bovine Tuberculosis.
  • Developing a ‘Year of Food for Northern Ireland’ in 2016 to give standout status for both local food in Northern Ireland and in export markets.
  • Supporting measures to assist in tackling the theft of animals and supporting a legal requirement for machinery/plant with a value of over £10,000 to have a covert GPS tracking system in it.
Supporting the Growth of Northern Ireland Farms preview

Supporting the Growth of Northern Ireland Farms
(PDF 159KB)

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