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Publish Date: 01 May 2010

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Policy proposals to support those serving in our Armed Forces.

Our armed services deserve our immense gratitude. They are renowned, and indeed sought‐after, throughout the world. Our defence budget should be protected. The very least that we should be doing is ensuring that our armed forces are fully equipped for battle. They deserve to have their professionalism properly remunerated and should expect a good quality of life when they return from duty.

  • An independent Advisory Committee on Military Deaths should be established.
  • Consideration should be given to establishing a dedicated hospital facility for British soldiers and veterans.
  • All ex‐service personnel should be given comprehensive advice about mental health conditions.
  • The Armed Forces Compensation Scheme should be kept under continual independent review.
  • Remembrance Day should be considered for any increase in the number of public holidays in the UK, and the DUP supports the idea of a Pride in Britain public holiday.
  • Change timetables of election nominations so that personnel deployed overseas can have postal votes returned in time to cast their ballot.
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Supporting our Armed Forces
(PDF 205KB)

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