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Publish Date: 01 March 2010

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Discussion Paper on how Stormont can collaborate with the faith sector.

Churches and the faith community are a key part of Northern Ireland society. With devolved government, the Democratic Unionist Party is determined to see collaboration increase between the Stormont administration and the faith sector.

This discussion paper outlines some areas where we believe there is the potential to increase collaboration between government and the faith sector.
Proposals include:

  • Greater collaboration between the Northern Ireland Government and the faith sector
  • More partnerships involving faith groups with public and private sector organisations.
  • Explore possible incentives to increase charitable giving.
  • Faith Audit for Northern Ireland to be carried out.
  • Establish faith sector interfaces with Government including forum on social/community development issues and means to allow input into broader Executive issues.
  • ‘Timebank’ concept should be promoted in Northern Ireland.
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Empowering Faith Groups
(PDF )

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