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Publish Date: 05 October 2018

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The Democratic Unionist Party has major concerns over elements of the draft Bill proposed by the Northern Ireland Office, and without significant amendment, anticipate it will not meet the objective of properly addressing the legacy of Northern Ireland’s past.

The DUP has stood against a rewriting of our history and efforts to introduce an amnesty. In contrast we have always sought to keep open the prospect of justice for those who have lost loved ones. The Government’s latest proposals are being viewed through the lens of two decades of offence and outrage felt by innocent victims, and where the definition of a victim continues to be unjust and unacceptable.

The DUP considers the best opportunity for justice to come from an investigatory team with full police powers. It is important that any new structures would be proportionate given 90% of deaths were caused by terrorists, and there should be an end to witch hunts against those in the forces of law and order who acted bravely, honourably and appropriately.

We consider the status quo to be unacceptable, with innocent victims inexplicably the only group currently not seeing some level of progress with investigations.

New UK-wide legislation to improve the definition of a victim would be necessary in our view to transform the context and offer the best prospect of success for any new arrangements.

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DUP Response to Government Consultation on Legacy
(PDF 307KB)

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