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Publish Date: 01 February 2004

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The DUP’s concept for devolution.

The DUP supports devolution for Northern Ireland. We believe that it should be stable, accountable, effective and efficient.

The Belfast Agreement failed to deliver for the people of Northern Ireland and a new form of devolution is required. This document sets out how new arrangements for the governance of Northern Ireland can be achieved.

If the issues in Strand 1 can be resolved quickly then the other issues could be resolved in parallel with the institutions up and running or by commissions set up to deal with identified areas of concern.

  • We believe there should be a 72 member Assembly elected by the STV form of Proportional Representation.
  • In the Assembly cross-community support would be required by means of Key Vote majorities.
  • The Assembly would have executive and legislative responsibility for the areas which were the responsibility of the six Northern Ireland Departments before 1999 with the exception that responsibility for Social Security would rest at Westminster and responsibility for the Human Rights Commission and Equality Commission would be devolved to Northern Ireland.
  • We propose the abolition of the Civic Forum.
  • The administration could either be in some form of an Executive or an arrangement where the Assembly would be a Corporate Body.
  • We propose that an Efficiency Commission be established.
  • As a default, executive power would be exercised by the Departments subject to the direction and control of the Assembly.
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