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Publish Date: 16 January 2015

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“Challenging Cruelty” - The DUP’s policy on animal welfare.

The Democratic Unionist Party is committed to ensuring that Northern Ireland becomes a zero tolerance country for those who would abuse animals. Any act of cruelty should be punished. Those responsible for extreme cases of animal cruelty should go to prison.

We recognise that a large part of tackling cruelty to animals will take a longer, attitudinal alteration in society’s general outlook, but these proposals are specific policy areas where we believe government can make a difference.

  • We believe there should be a public awareness campaign funded by DARD to raise awareness of the Welfare of Animals (Northern Ireland) Act, its provisions and how to report animal cruelty.
  • The DUP supports the creation of a centrally compiled "Banned Offenders Register".
  • We support the development of dedicated school resources for Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3 pupils informing them of the hard work and effort required to be a responsible pet owner.
  • The DUP supports a ban on circuses that contain wild animals.
  • We secured the creation of an Assembly All Party Group on animal welfare.
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Challenging Cruelty

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