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Publish Date: 01 November 2009

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Developing Devolution for the Good of Northern Ireland.

For the first time in a generation unionism is winning. The future for the people of Northern Ireland is brighter today than at any point in our recent history. After forty years of conflict and constitutional instability Northern Ireland is emerging into a new era. In the last few years with DUP leadership for unionism we have laid the foundations for a better future.

It’s over two years since powers were restored to Stormont and while, as we publicly pointed out at St Andrews, it’s far from perfect, we knew that as a staging post the new arrangements made a sensible and positive starting point.

The contents of this publication include:

  • Why the DUP supports devolution, and its advantages over Direct Rule.
  • The key changes from the Belfast Agreement which were secured at St Andrews.
  • The choice faced between proceeding with devolution in 2007 or seeking to delay.
  • The achievements delivered by the Executive.
  • Building towards the DUP’s goals.
  • The way forward.
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Building on Success

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