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Publish Date: 26 April 2016

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The agri-food sector continues to be the cornerstone of the Northern Ireland economy. Despite the global downturn, the sector has continued to grow over the last ten years and employs tens of thousands throughout Northern Ireland.

Over the last mandate the DUP ensured that the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) supports productive agriculture. We were instrumental in the development and delivery of the agri-food strategy “Going for Growth” and are responsible for recognising 2016 as the ‘Year of Food’ for Northern Ireland.

Despite the sector’s success over the last five years, there are many challenges facing it. These are a result of global price volatility, exchange rate movements, geopolitics affecting the trade of food into regions such as China and Russia and continued deflation of food prices in the major UK multiples.

In the past term, the DUP through its various offices have held the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (DARD) to account and our focus continues to be making DARD deliver for its customers. We want a Department FOR Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs and not an EU police force. The DUP has ensured that direct support has been maximised - to support and drive forward the backbone of the NI economy.

Our natural heritage is part of what makes Northern Ireland a unique place to live or visit. It is something we wish to pass on to future generations in a beautiful, strong and sustainable form. This will involve improving public access to that heritage and positively addressing how the public treat it.

  • Surviving the economic downturn
  • Supporting fairness within the supply chain
  • Support for industry - Common Agricultural Policy (CAP)
  • Delivering 'Going for Growth'
  • Greater focus on Research and Development
  • Animal Health
  • A new Environmental Division
  • Job Focused Rural Development
  • Greenways NI
  • Dont Mess with NI
  • Reaching our woodland targets
  • Removing the digital divide
  • Fairness to our fishermen
  • Coastal Protection
A friend of the farmer and natural heritage preview

A friend of the farmer and natural heritage

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