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Publish Date: 13 May 2019

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On 23rd June 2016, the people of the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union.

It was the largest vote in the history of our country. Whatever the variations in the referendum result, from town to town, constituency by constituency, or region to region, it was a national question and we reached a national decision. It was not an English vote, a Scottish vote, a Welsh vote or a Northern Irish vote but a British vote to leave. It is often forgotten that it was the ‘Leave’ vote in Scotland and Northern Ireland that gave the Leave campaign its UK majority.

The only rightful and respectful implementation of the mandate from 17.4 million people is for us all to leave the EU on the same terms. It need not and must not be a choice between respecting the result and the Union. In all circumstances, our first priority will be the Union. This is why when the dangers to our precious Union were clear in the Withdrawal Agreement the DUP opposed it and helped defeat it in Parliament on three occasions.

Under the leadership of the DUP, Unionism has not found itself alone but drawn support from across the parliamentary parties. I recognise that within Unionism there was a divergence between Leave and Remain. However, our common Unionism means we can all unite in respecting the result and that we should leave as one United Kingdom.

I recognise that many nationalists and others within Northern Ireland voted remain. However, I believe we should all unite around a belief in democracy and
thus the result should be implemented.

There is much work to be done to respect the result and protect our Union. There is much work ahead in the future negotiations. It is only the DUP that has the strength and focus to do so. In this election I encourage you to use your vote and support our experienced candidate Diane Dodds so that we can send a clear message of support for the
Union whilst respecting the referendum result.

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2019 European Election Manifesto

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