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Publish Date: 01 January 2007

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Manifesto for the Assembly Election 2007

In the last four years the DUP has transformed the political process in Northern Ireland. We have achieved what many of our opponents said was impossible. We have successfully renegotiated the Belfast Agreement, and required republicans to give up their weapons and all paramilitary and criminal activity before they could enter Government.

In 2003 we campaigned for a fair deal for the people of Northern Ireland.
Today,we are delivering on that pledge.

Unionism needs a strong DUP. The safeguards we have negotiated depend on a strong DUP in the Assembly and the Executive.Votes for independents or fringe unionist candidates endanger a unionist majority on the Executive, regardless of the size of the unionist majority within the Assembly.

With the UUP achieving little more than half our level of support in recent elections, only one unionist party is realistically capable of winning more seats than Sinn Fein to stop them being nominated for the post of First Minister.

  • Delivering lasting devolution. For us it is about delivery and not deadlines. The restoration of devolution will not be delayed because of the DUP. It will only be delayed if republicans or the government do not deliver on their commitments and obligations.
  • The achievement of a stable devolved government is but a staging post in our strategy to strengthen Northern Ireland’s place within the United Kingdom and build robust democratic structures which can prevail for future generations.
  • Getting it right on the devolution of policing and justice. While in principle we support the devolution of policing and justice functions we believe this can only happen when there is the necessary support within the community.
  • Securing a financial package for devolution.
  • Cutting the cost of doing business. The DUP believes that business is the job of the business community and that Government’s role is, where possible, to remove the impediments to growth in our economy.
  • After decades of underinvestment in infrastructure Northern Ireland needs to build for the future.During the Troubles money was diverted away from infrastructure and into security and as a result Northern Ireland faces a massive infrastructure deficit.
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2007 Assembly Election

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