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Publish Date: 01 January 2005

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Manifesto for the Westminster and Local Government Election 2005

For the first time in a generation unionism has leadership that’s working.

Just remember what it was like only eighteen months ago when the Ulster Unionist Party was in charge. Republicans won concession after concession while unionism was in retreat. In every negotiation republicans exploited the weakness of the UUP and were allowed to dictate their own terms.

Now all that has changed. Today it is the DUP’s agenda that dominates the political process with London, Dublin and Washington accepting our demands as fundamental prerequisites. The pan-nationalist front has been fractured and Sinn Fein is more isolated than ever before.

This election must ensure democracy is not held captive by terrorist and criminals. We believe it is time to move on only with those parties demonstrably committed to peace and democracy.

  • Keeping unionism number 1 – every vote in every constituency will count.
  • Our strength in negotiations depends on the ability of the party to continue securing support at election time.
  • Keeping our promises – a record of achievement.
  • Oppose the destruction of our grammar schools and the Government’s Water Charging Plans.
  • Replace the Parades Commission and a total ban on smoking in enclosed public spaces.
  • Opposition to the Euro and the European Constitution.
  • In recent years the scourge of racism has grown in Northern Ireland. This is a blight on our society and it is vital the problem is tackled.
2005 Westminster & Local Government Election preview

2005 Westminster & Local Government Election

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