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Publish Date: 01 January 2004

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Manifesto for the European Election 2004

In a Europe of so many competing interests, particularly following enlargement, the challenge to deliver for Northern Ireland is greater than ever.

This election also affords you an opportunity to help forward the progress of securing a fair political deal for Ulster. Since the Assembly election only the DUP has shown purpose and initiative in seeking durable and democratic devolution.

Our proposals have been acknowledged as fair and imaginative. I invite your support as a means of advancing towards a lasting replacement for the failed Belfast Agreement.

  • Strengthen our hand in negotiations.
  • Build on the revival which is underway within unionism.
  • The past 25 years has seen Ulster represented in Europe by Ian Paisley. The foundation is secure for the DUP to build upon in this new era of an enlarged Europe.
  • Opposing the new EU Constitution.
  • Combating global terrorism.
  • Battling for funding: The May 2004 enlargement of the EU will adversely affect the funding status which Northern Ireland has enjoyed in past years.
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2004 European Election
(PDF 874KB)

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