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Publish Date: 01 January 2003

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Manifesto for the Assembly Election 2003

This election is Ulster’s date with destiny. It is the chance to put things right, to give a mandate to a strong and united Democratic Unionist team and to negotiate a new agreement.

Stop and think how much has happened since 10th April 1998. Has it been the journey we were promised.

The destruction of the RUC, the withdrawal of the Army, the release of terrorist prisoners, the elevation of Sinn Fein/IRA members to government office without evidence of the destruction of weaponry, the creation of ever-expanding all-Ireland institutions, the lawless state of our Province, the ever-growing list of breaches of IRA and so-called loyalist ceasefires, the disregard of the views of peaceful and democratic politicians in favour of the spokesmen of terrorist organisations.

You can stop it. Vote for a party with policies to put things right. On Wednesday 26th November it’s your chance to put things right. It’s time for a new start.
It’s time for a fair deal.

  • This election is about who negotiates for unionism – who can fight for unionism within the negotiations following this election?
  • The DUP believes in a form of devolution which can actually work and deliver for the people of Northern Ireland. We are seeking a mandate for a new agreement.
  • DUP Ministers: A record of achievement.
  • Delivering a better education system for all children.
  • Protecting the taxpayer – controlling the cost of government.
  • Tourism is central to the promotion and investment of Northern Ireland PLC.
  • A fair deal for our farmers.
2003 Assembly Election preview

2003 Assembly Election

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