Early Intervention

Early intervention measures have been shown to improve mental and physical health, educational attainment and employment opportunities, and prevent criminal behaviour, drug and alcohol misuse and teenage pregnancy. We believe savings resulting from greater sharing across Government and the public sector could be reinvested back into early intervention measures for local communities.

Early Intervention

The DUP is keen to:

  • Embed early intervention at the heart of departmental strategies
  • Invest in proven projects, particularly in the prenatal to three years age range
  • Focus on social and emotional development and parenting programmes
  • Seek to address the cycle of wasted potential across multiple generations of young people
  • Incentivise cross-departmental working and budgeting

The DUP proposes to:

  • Roll out across the Province the Family Nurse Partnership programme being implementing in the Western LCG area, providing intensive home visiting to every vulnerable teenage first-time mother in Northern Ireland
  • Seek to establish cross-sectoral multidisciplinary teams to support the hardest to reach families in a co-ordinated manner- research has found that some families currently can have interventions from more than twenty different sources
  • Pilot a number of other early interventions that demonstrate significant medium-term savings

We will continue to monitor closely the outcomes of several interventions including the:

  • PATHS programme of school-wide activities currently being provided through one hour’s worth of lessons each week in primary schools in the Lurgan area
  • Families and Schools Together, being delivered locally by Save the Children
  • Incredible Years parent training intervention which has been used in Welsh Early Years Services and in Manchester
  • Parent-Child Home project readying children for school in Dublin
  • Total Place initiatives being piloted across 13 areas of England
  • Literacy programmes such as Success for All, Reading Recovery and Business in the Community’s ‘Time to Read’ project
  • Functional Family Therapy for which a randomised control trial is underway in Brighton
  • Other interventions re drugs, alcohol, relationships and sexual behaviour
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