Whether at Westminster, Stormont or Europe, the DUP is pro-active in developing Northern Ireland’s cultural wealth and encouraging creativity to develop new opportunities in our economy.


Over the next four years a DUP Minister would seek to build on this work in the following ways:


  • Reduce the number of arms-length bodies associated with DCAL
  • Separate the dual responsibilities of Northern Ireland Screen, with the international component coming under Invest NI and educational elements being the responsibility of DCAL


  • Seek to build Northern Ireland’s reputation internationally as a centre for creative industries, and continue supporting the Creative Industries Innovation Fund
  • Promote cultural tourism, enhancing collaboration between DCAL and DETI with a focus on developing facilities, activities and trails
  • Enhance the role of the Public Records Office in promoting genealogical tourism
  • Assist the arts sector to promote the Northern Ireland brand abroad and contribute to our economy


  • Support a new start on parades including abolition of the Parades Commission, working alongside the Loyal Orders to achieve this
  • Promote and support the development of flagship Twelfth events and the Maiden City Festival


  • Maximise the use of the substantial number of new dedicated arts facilities which have been developed over the last few years
  • Support high-quality library provision and extend the mobile library network including internet availability particularly for rural users
  • Display appropriately our cultural assets at the Ulster Museum to promote the Northern Ireland brand


  • Invest £138m in regional stadium development for football, rugby and GAA, and sub-regional facility improvements for football across the Province at all levels
  • Support capital projects through the Community Sports Fund, promoting a shared and better future by ensuring facilities are open to all sports and the entire community


  • Ensure Northern Ireland maximises the benefits from the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games and hosting the 2013 World Police and Fire Games
  • Continue to offer high profile entertainment events to showcase the Province nationally and internationally
  • Seek to commission an official history of Northern Ireland to be published for the Province’s centenary


  • Continue to support the Community Festival Fund
  • Further develop our marching bands infrastructure and provide funding to replace instruments


  • Support the work of the Ulster-Scots Academy in developing the culture, heritage and language
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