Wilson – “SF hot air won’t fund public services”

09 March 2018

DUP East Antrim MP Sammy Wilson has said SF must think that public services can be funded by hot air because whilst they whinge a lot they have failed to produce any realistic ideas.

Sammy Wilson MP

DUP Parliamentary Spokesman on Education, Treasury and the Department of Work & Pensions.

Sammy Wilson

Mr Wilson said,

“Sinn Fein could not produce a budget in 2016 when they held the Finance Ministry. The Finance Minister had one job to do and Mairtin O’Muilleoir failed.  Sinn Fein had no ideas.  They couldn’t make the hard decisions. They walked away from tough choices.

Sinn Fein criticise this budget but have not published any realistic proposals to raise more money for our schools, roads or hospitals.  They have no answers.  Their MPs don’t take their seats, so have no influence in Westminster either. If Sinn Fein is going to call for more money, then let them spell out where they are raising it from. Hot air from Sinn Fein will not fund public services.

In contrast, we have recognised our budgetary problems but used our mandate to negotiate with the Government to get a better deal for everyone in Northern Ireland. This budget has delivered £410m from the DUP - Conservative Confidence & Supply Agreement.  This money will help unionists and nationalists alike.  Everyone uses roads, schools and hospitals.

Whilst Sinn Fein is focused on a narrow agenda, the DUP will get on with the job of delivering for everyone.

  • The 5.5% increase for hospitals will help everyone.
  • The 4.3% increase in schools funding will help everyone.
  • £100m to implement hospital reforms that Michelle O’Neill walked away from, will help everyone.
  • £200m infrastructure boost with help everyone.

Sinn Fein has brought nothing but chaos to Northern Ireland in the last thirteen months. Whilst they focus on pet projects, whinge from the side-lines but publish no realistic proposals, we will get on with getting a better deal for everyone in Northern Ireland.

While Sinn Fein whinge from the sidelines, the DUP has been working at the centre of government for all the people of Northern Ireland.”

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