Wilson Condemns Carrickfergus Violence

05 December 2012

East Antrim MP Sammy Wilson has condemned the violence in Carrickfergus from protestors in support of the Union flag being flown from Belfast City Hall.

Sammy Wilson MP MLA

DUP Parliamentary Spokesman on Economic & Finance matters and Education, Science and Technology

Sammy Wilson

The DUP MP said,

"People are entitled to peacefully protest but there is absolutely no justification for the carnage which has been caused in Carrickfergus this evening. I unreservedly condemn the violence.

Those involved do a disservice to the flag they claim to defend.

Today, in the House of Commons, several MPs backed the Union Flag being flown from City Hall, however this criminal behaviour undermines and distracts from the argument.

I urge those involved to step back from this criminal activity and channel their energies through democratic politics."

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