West Tyrone must pass verdict on SF disrespect for victims

10 April 2018

West Tyrone MLA Tom Buchanan has been officially nominated as the DUP’s candidate for the upcoming West Tyrone by-election.

West Tyrone must pass verdict on SF disrespect for victims

Thomas Buchanan MLA

Thomas Buchanan

Speaking as he submitted nomination papers Tom Buchanan said,

“This election was caused by Sinn Fein’s disrespect for the victims of IRA terrorism.  The people of West Tyrone must now pass their verdict. Barry McElduff’s actions were disgraceful and caused unprecedented public outrage.

Faced with that, the only action Sinn Fein were prepared to take was a three-month suspension. Now Michelle O’Neill arrogantly dismisses that the issue should play any role in this election.

On 3rd May people can send a clear message that Sinn Fein’s disrespect and contempt must stop. The DUP is the only party capable of sending that message to Sinn Fein.”

Attending the nomination, DUP Leader Rt Hon Arlene Foster MLA said,

"Many people believed that Barry McElduff’s actions represented a watershed moment in Northern Ireland. There was cross community public revulsion.

Instead of meaningful action, Sinn Fein issued only a ‘slap on the wrist’ to Barry McElduff before he rightly took the decision to resign. Far from any change from Sinn Fein, we have seen their leaders continue to glorify the terrorists responsible for horrific atrocities and even defend the use of such barbaric violence today.

The only way to respond is via the ballot box. A vote for any other party will not send the message to Sinn Fein. Only a vote for the DUP can ensure the community sends a strong, clear and united message of “no more” to Sinn Fein’s disrespect.”

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