Weir welcomes funding announcement for Strule Education Campus

18 June 2018

DUP MLA Peter Weir has welcomed confirmation that the government has allocated £140million to support the development of the Strule Shared Education Campus.

Peter Weir MLA

Minister of Education

Peter Weir

Mr Weir said, “This is good news for the Strule Campus but for schools across Northern Ireland. Whilst it is disappointing that the campus will not be completed in the timescale originally planned there is at least now certainty on funding.

The £140million is only available for Strule Campus because of actions taken by the DUP during the Confidence and Supply negotiations to persuade HM Treasury to amend the rules under which the Fresh Start funding could be spent.

The fact that this money is now available from the Fresh Start funding means that the ongoing capital budget within the Department of Education can be used for other projects right across Northern Ireland. This will be warmly welcomed by many schools who are awaiting decisions on other projects.

Once again however we have been made aware of the need to have Ministers in place taking decisions on issues including procurement for the Strule Campus. All parties should be expressing their willingness to restore the Assembly and Executive immediately. Whilst other issues are important, they should not be placed above matters such as education and health which are vital to everyone in Northern Ireland.”

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