We want an agreement supported by both unionists and nationalists

27 September 2019

DUP Leader Arlene Foster MLA was addressing members of the business community in North Belfast on Friday.

Arlene Foster MLA

Leader of the Democratic Unionist Party

Arlene Foster

During the course of her remarks at lunchtime Mrs Foster said,

UK exit of the EU

“The fundamental issues have not changed. The Prime Minister wants to secure a deal before the United Kingdom leaves the European Union. We will give every assistance in trying to secure a deal.  That has always been our position. We want the referendum result respected and implemented through a sensible exit.

We want an agreement that works for Northern Ireland and for our neighbours in the Republic of Ireland. That agreement must be one which can be supported by both unionists and nationalists however. Not one single unionist MLA supports the Withdrawal Agreement which is one reason why it has floundered.”


“We would restore devolution today. I would appoint Ministers today. Our schools and hospitals need decisions made.  We would like to see more engagement and commitment from Sinn Fein to show they are sincere about restoring the Assembly and Executive. Their narrow demands are punishing the public who deserve to have local representatives taking decisions on their behalf.

You have my pledge to enter the Executive without precondition. Every other party in Northern Ireland must step forward and state whether they can make that pledge to the public.”

General Election

"If an election is called, we will stand on our record of delivery and seek more votes to increase Northern Ireland’s influence in Parliament.  With another hung parliament being predicted, people know it was the DUP who delivered more money for schools, roads and hospitals.  It was the DUP who delivered £150m to bring faster broadband to homes and businesses.

What other parties do in that election is a matter for them. Their policy agreement appears to go no further than a desire to attack the DUP.  No other party has delivered a single extra penny for Northern Ireland.

Only the DUP will have the strength to deliver in the next Parliament just as we have over the last two years. The message is clear, voting DUP matters and voting DUP delivers.”

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