We stand ready to go into the Assembly and form an Executive

08 January 2019

DUP Stormont Chief Whip and East Antrim MLA Gordon Lyons said,

Gordon Lyons MLA

Gordon Lyons

“Two years without a Government is not the wish of the DUP. We have been calling for Sinn Fein to end its boycott of the Northern Ireland Assembly. We believe in devolution. We want what is best for the people living here and that’s having a functioning Executive and Assembly.

Sinn Fein collapsed devolution and is isolated in refusing to form an Executive until certain items on its wish-list are checked off.  The real problem lies at Connolly House. Their decision to continue a boycott of the Assembly chamber is affecting health, education and infrastructure. The lack of a ministerial-led government is hurting everyone in Northern Ireland yet Sinn Fein refuses to appoint Ministers until they get their way.  They are holding Northern Ireland to ransom.

Arlene Foster offered Sinn Fein a deal whereby the institutions would be restored and unresolved matters would be discussed in tandem. Michelle O’Neill and the SF leadership disregarded that offer with less than an hour’s thought.

We stand ready to go into the Assembly and form an Executive. We do that armed with nothing but out mandate and with no list of preconditions.

Whilst Sinn Fein has delivered nothing but chaos whilst holding us all to ransom, the DUP has worked hard at Westminster to better services and funding. More money for hospitals, schools, farmers, mental health, broadband and roads.  It’s time for Sinn Fein to put the priorities of the electorate ahead of their party pet projects.”

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