Unionists in Foyle will see no difference between SDLP & SF

05 November 2019

DUP Foyle MLA Gary Middleton has urged unionists in Foyle to vote DUP and send a strong message that their vote will not be abused.

Gary Middleton MLA

Member of the Environment Committee

Gary Middleton

Mr Middleton said,

“The SDLP decision to back IRA glorifying, Parliament absenting and devolution blocking Sinn Fein candidates will mean many unionists will rightly see no difference between a vote for the SDLP and a vote for Sinn Fein.

In Foyle, we will be urging unionists to vote DUP and send a strong pro-union message when the votes are counted. Unionists are wise to the SDLP. Colum may be the biggest loser in his pact with Sinn Fein.”

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