Triggering Article 50 represents an historic day for the UK – Dodds

29 March 2017

DUP Deputy Nigel Dodds MP has thanked the Prime Minister for her leadership on an historic day for the United Kingdom.

Nigel Dodds MP

DUP Deputy Leader, Leader of the DUP Parliamentary Party, Spokesman on Reform and Constitutional issues and Foreign Affairs

Nigel Dodds

He said, “The triggering of Article 50 undoubtedly represents an historic day for the UK. It is a good day for the Union and importantly our democracy, as the rights of those who democratically voted on June 23rd have been upheld.

I thank the Prime Minister Theresa May for her unwavering leadership in charting the United Kingdom so far through the Brexit process. She continues to rightly emphasis her determination to deliver for all the constituent parts of the United Kingdom, despite the moans from others who have sought to undermine the EU referendum result and reverse the United Kingdom's exit from the EU.

We joined the European Union as a nation and we will leave together.

The reality is Brexit has indeed meant Brexit and now our duty is to ensure delivery. The Prime Minister has stated that she believes firmly in the Union and the opportunities that now exist outside the bureaucracy from Brussels. She will continue to have our support.

To ensure the best deal for devolved regions it is important that we are at the table. Northern Ireland with its team at Westminster has that influence which will be needed in Brexit negotiations. However that influence is only bolstered by a functioning Executive which is able to protect the best interests of Northern Ireland.”

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