There must be no side deals in investigations - Bunting

08 December 2016

Policing Board member and DUP MLA Joanne Bunting has today asked questions relating to media reports that there will be a re-opening of investigations into killings by British troops.

Joanne Bunting MLA

Joanne Bunting

The investigations are to look at 302 killings during the Troubles.

Speaking on behalf of the DUP Policing Board team the East Belfast MLA said, “If these reports are true, it is very alarming particularly within the Unionist community who will see this as pandering to Sinn Fein’s demands.

We have seen in the past the disastrous on the run deal and the hurt that it caused to families and innocent victims, who watched perpetrators of murders, bombings and shootings, getting away on a get out of jail card. Now we see this fresh witch hunt on British Troops, many of whom are now pensioners.

There are many and significant questions that need to be asked of the Chief Constable, not just in terms of demanding to know the budget that has been allocated to these investigations, but also how many cases will be investigated and how this decision came about?”

Continuing Ms Bunting added, “The Policing Board was not made aware of this decision. It is ridiculous and incongruous that the PSNI can allocate officers and budget to this, yet we are told the Chief Constable does not have sufficient resources to deal with current investigations and that front-line services may be reduced.”

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