Stormont is stalled because of Sinn Fein

15 November 2019

DUP South Belfast candidate Emma Little Pengelly has said the absence of Northern Ireland representation at the British-Irish Council is another example of the damage Sinn Fein’s blockade of Stormont is having on north-south and east-west relations.

Emma Little Pengelly

Emma Little Pengelly

Mrs Little Pengelly said,

“Sinn Fein is blocking the restoration of an Executive and Assembly.  In so doing they are holding back Northern Ireland and divisions are being allowed to fester rather than be healed.

The British-Irish Council is a key forum for building Anglo-Irish relations.  At a crucial time in east-west relationships, Northern Ireland is not even in the room because Sinn Fein will not let an Executive be formed.

With other parts of Northern Ireland bounding forward and growing,  Stormont is stalled because of Sinn Fein.  Our message in this election is let’s get Northern Ireland moving again.”

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